How To Transport A Bike

If you are planning to transport your bike from one state to another, we can definitely help you. We are the leading Bike Transport Company in Pune with one of the largest branch network across the Country. We can transport bike from one state to another without any hassle. For your bike transportation, you need to make sure you have following documents handy because they are required during bike transportation process;

  • Xerox Copy of your Bike RC Book (Certificate of Registration): This is required in order to transport your bike from one state to another state .For Shifting your bike we require Xerox copy of the your bike.
  • Xerox Copy of your Bike Insurance Copy: Insurance of your bike should be valid (not expired) in order to transport your bike.
  • Xerox Copy of  your Driving License: We need xerox copy of your driving license which should be valid from RTO.
  • Original P.U.C. certificate: It is the certificate that the vehicle is not polluting the atmosphere. It is mandatory certificate to drive on road

Once you have above documents, our friendly staff will pick-up your bike from your house and bring it to loading point. At loading point, we pack your bike using cargo sheets, bubble sheets & film rolls. Once the packing of your bike is complete, we load it on the vehicle. Moving & Unloading Process:- Once the bike is loaded onto vehicle, the vehicle departs from the loading point. Once it reaches the destination, you bike is unloaded and delivered to your house. During whole bike transport process, we make sure our Quality policy is followed on each stage. This prevents any damage to your bike during transportation process.

How To Transport Bike

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